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Feb. 8th, 2010

cheshire cat


Last winter, a snowstorm blew into my town and submerged us all.

No-one was able to leave their house, but my dog – as dogs will – needed to be walked outdoors. So I cleared a path through the snow, a single, shovel-wide loop around the backyard. It took all day; by the time I had finished, I barely had the strength to leash my dog and take her out to make use of my handiwork. But, of course, I did.

Although she is not a small dog, the snow towered over her. Nevertheless, she pulled me through the narrow pathway with at least as much vigor as she had on days when the yard was clear. The entire time we were out, me tucked away in as many layers as I could manage to squeeze into, all I could think was how envious I was of her. She didn’t care that she had no option but to follow the trail I had dug out for her. She gave no thought to how little room she had to maneuver in this predetermined passage of hers. She trotted happily between her walls of snow, perfectly content to obediently go where the trail dictated. After we emerged, she gladly went back to perform the exact same circuit a second, third, fourth time. I couldn’t imagine how any creature could calmly walk their way through a set course without the mildest amount of frustration, without once feeling as though she would go insane from the lack of freedom she was allowed. She was happy in her myopia, and I was jealous.

But, more than anything, I was jealous of her inability to apply metaphorical significance to everything she encountered.

Just thought I'd share my self-deprecating angstings with y'all.
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Dec. 26th, 2009

cheshire cat

Happy Christmahanukwanzawintersolstika!

I was born and raised Jewish. Now, depending on my mood, I will classify myself as atheist, pantheist, absurdist, Pastafarian (hail the FSM!), or pagan. However, every December I celebrate Christmas with my maternal family, who are Christian. This is generally a rather good thing -- I get to see family I don't generally have the opportunity to hang with, and I get free stuff. Unfortunately, though, these people have no idea whatsoever of what kinds of things I like. Well, at least if I develop a taste for kitty-socks sometime in the future I'll only have to go rooting around in my closet to find some.


I shouldn't say that the gifts were all misses, though. I got forty-five dollars' worth of iTunes gift cards, and I am very much looking forward to listening to all the music I purchased with them.

Speaking of music, have you ever heard the song "Doris Daytheearthstoodstill" by Future Bible Heroes? It is my favourite song at the time I write this, although I'll probably have a new one the next time I sit down for a good bloggin'. But, seriously, how could you dislike a song with a chorus like this:

Doris Daytheearthstoodstill, the hippest chick on Furth,
Let's live always in the dream they beam from planet Earth.
All our tentacles entwined, snow-blind and without sound;
Doris Daytheearthstoodstill, you make my world go round.

It's goddamn poetry.

Dec. 15th, 2009

cheshire cat

Hello, malchicks and ptitsas.

I have begun to read A Clockwork Orange. I've been wanting to read it for awhile, but I finally got around to it because I am trying to keep up with my school's controversial book club. The meeting was yesterday, and I'd only gotten about a third of the way through it because -- stupid, stupid Iris -- I'd forgotten about the upcoming meeting until three days before it. Two of those days were spent working on homework, and the third was the day of the meeting. So now I'm trying to finish it all on me oddy knocky.

I have also finished reading through the Strange Fiction archives, and knowing that I'll only be getting one page a week from now on is rather depressing. If you have not begun reading it, I highly recommend you do.

This artist I like, Kmye-chan, is holding a contest to win a print of hers, and the way to enter is to post the banner for the contest in one's blog. So:

LiveJournal is being stupid and refusing to let me turn the banner into a hyperlink to her blog, so I'll post the link here.

So, anyway, peace out.

Nov. 29th, 2009

cheshire cat

God is a Scientologist. Fahk.

According to several online resources I stumbled across earlier today, Neil Gaiman (sometimes known by his alternate name, God)'s immediate family are devout Scientologists, and there is evidence that points toward him being one, as well. He refuses to confirm this, but many have interpreted his silence to mean that he is fearful that less people will buy his stuff if he is open about it. It is known for certain that he used to be an ardent supporter of the Co$, but in recent years some have questioned that he is still involved with it. Because he is friends with many extremely anti-Scientology celebrities (and because of the the irresistible sway of wishful thinking), I choose to subscribe to the belief that he is no longer involved with the Co$, but won't come out and say it out of fear of estrangement from his Scientologist family.

I will, of course, not buy any of his stuff in case this rumour is true. I would much rather settle for reading library books than take the chance of having my hard-earned monies support Scientology. I urge any of you who might be reading this to do the same.

Oct. 31st, 2009

cheshire cat

Better late than never.

The Brothers Bloom

Tasty explosions,
Lots of lovely poignancy,
One fantastic nose.

Seriously. Watch it.

The Adventures of Dr McNinja

Doctor and ninja
Combined in one entity.
Tres hilarious.

Oh, the insanity.

Letters from the Earth

Never liked Mark Twain.
Since I began reading this,
I've been converted.

Damn, I wanna grow a moustache now.

Waking Ned Devine

Such a pleasant film.
Except when that lady died.
That was just fucked up.

"Pleasant" is really the only word capable of being applied to it.

Emilie Autumn

How to describe her?
Harpsichords on acid trips.
She embodies cool.

You have no idea how hard it was to choose between all the photos of her out there. NO IDEA.

American Psycho

Brilliantly written
Thought-provoking satire,
But it's disgusting.

"Disgusting" does nothing to cover it.

Flight, Volumes I - III

Truly lovely art.
Lots of thoughtful short stories.
You can't dislike it.

I just checked IV and V out of the library, and I can't wait to read them.

Johnny the Homicidal Maniac

Win win win win win.
Win win win win win win win.
Win win win win win.

Nny, you a sexy beast.

By the way, happy Samhain.

Oct. 24th, 2009

cheshire cat

Don't know what I was thinking

Welp, I dropped the ball on the whole review-posty thing. And this blag hasn't even been up for a week. It was kind of insane to say that I would do that in the first place, considering how completely horrible I am with writing to deadlines and structure in general. I have started writing the reviews I was supposed to post yesterday, and I will post them within the next few days. I shall try my hardest to post on Fridays from now on, but as we have learnt from this incident, my word can never be trusted.


I plan to participate in NaNoWriMo, so once Novembr starts I'm going to have to stop writing substantial posts, except maybe to talk about how my novel is progressing and whatnot. If people actually start watching this journal, I may even post an excerpt.

I know it seems stupid to create a blog and then stop using it two weeks after its conception, but my decision to participate in NaNoWriMo comes from my  complete inability to keep my motivation up enough to write an entire novel, and from my theory that if I isolate myself from all other pursuits and work under an high-stress deadline to which I FORCE myself to adhere, I may actually produce a novel. Limiting my Internet time is a necessary part of that.

In closing, I would like to share this masterpiece with you:

Oct. 21st, 2009

cheshire cat


Do you remember that day,
So very long ago,
When the world was still beautiful and new to us,
How we lay in the grass outside your house as the sun set,
Fingers entwined,
(hearts entwined)
And I lamented that such a beautiful day must die?

Do you remember how you looked over at me,
Eyes shining like they did in those days
(so long ago)
And you said that it didn't have to?

That we could follow it?

So we got into your car and drove and drove and drove
And drove and drove and drove into the sun,
Singing along with the cassette player,
Singing as loud as our lungs would let us
(and then some),
Singing and singing and singing until it felt as though we had but one soul,
Which we felt would overflow with this inexpressible joy.

Do you remember how we rolled the windows down
And stretched our hands out,
Trying to hold onto that beautiful, ephemeral sunlight,
So convinced that if we drove far enough
We would reach a place where the sun would never set,
And we would live out our days in perfect golden light?

The sun eventually outran us,
But we didn't care.
We got out of the car and held each other,
Laughing and laughing and kissing and laughing,
As the stars were born in the sky above us
And in their silver light
We couldn't tell where one of us stopped and the other began.

Do you remember that day,
That one, irreplaceable day,
When we chased the setting sun
Into a starlit night?

Would you like to do it again?

Oct. 18th, 2009

cheshire cat


Once upon a time, there was an ugly little humanoid named Iris. Iris was an egotistical bitch who thought that people actually cared about the things she had to say. Upon realising that this was not, after all, the case, she became very sad. One day, she said to herself, "I wonder if, perhaps, there might be some people somewhere on the world wide web that would be willing to read my inane babblings." At this, a brilliant idea occurred to our little protagonist: she could start a blog.

Iris will try to be as entertaining as possible for your greedy selves, but as she has a dreadful habit of being a horrendously uninteresting person she asks that you kindly bear with her as she explores the fantastical opportunities of saying stuff that LiveJournal opens up for her. She would like you to know that on Fridays she will post brief reviews of all the media and other review-worthy things she encountered during the previous week. She would also like you to know that she does not intend to write the following journals in the third person.

Peace, love, and ramen.